Baekmidang Craftshop

1964 Beakmidang Gongbang, an atelier using organic milk and organic beans as the main ingredient,
is giving our customers heart and sincerity with our craftsmanship.


Every Ingredient

Fresh healthy ingredients and fair trade with trustworthy producers are the most important bases.

Organic Milk

Every day in early morning, we collect only fresh ingredients from the farming area, which are filled with sincerity.

Pick of the Season

We aim to share gifts from nature using seasonal agricultural products.

Pure & True

We use only genuine materials as close to nature as possible.

Farms We Trust

We always remember the initial mind of win-win relationship based on the discovery of a cooperative farmhouse.

Space Story

BeakMiDang Gondbang, the headquarters of the BeakMiDang which has stores in several places in South Korea and Hong Kong, is a place where we shaped up in a slow careful pace so that it took about one year from design to completion. The most important thing when establishing the first concept of our company was to make a place where it showed the heritage that differentiates from the other stores while maximizing the values that Beakmidang pursues.

Also in selecting and finishing the materials, we focused on minimizing the type and color of the material and adjusting the intensity of design so as not to overdo it as the saying 儉而不陋 華而不侈侈: (Thrifty but not lean, Colorful but not luxurious)

While searching for a space that can best express Korean beauty and heritage of Beakmidang, we thought of Korea’s “Palman Tripitaka”, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is not only recognized for its excellence but also well known for preservation that it can still be preserved after more than eight hundred years.

The material of the hardwood is picked and preserved and dried for several years. Also, it is a well-known story that it each letter is written with one following bow. The word ‘Gongbang’ though it may be a bit slow, leads to crafty emotions that are friendly and devoted.
An overall look of the Beakmidang studio is a woodwind design which is made with non-artificial material such as natural wood, and Korean paper ‘Hanji’. The shelves and pillars are made of timber and carbonized wood so that it can be strong to moisture and wrapping but intend to slowly show the original color over time, lightings are placed indirectly on each shelf to display the textures of material even better.

This speaks on behalf of Beakmidang’s attitude of not compromising over choosing food ingredients. Also, the ceiling railing voided from the floor to the fourth floor is finished with lumber and Hanji, which was intended to shows natural sunlight and  Korean beauty by at the same time.
The first third-story building was divided into three, four, and the second-story ceiling was raised up to the fourth to naturally connect two spaces. This bold decision led to a rather small space of the fourth floor, but the workshop became more special and cozy.

Beakmidang’s Limited Main Menu

We make only using fresh raw material that come up early in the morning, and only limited quantity is prepared.

1964 Milk Cream Bread

A representative menu for Beakmidnag, filled with fresh ingredients such as organic milk, organic sugar, and pure organic milk flavor. It is a limited menu prepared only about 20 each morning.

1964 Milk Bread

A simple bread made from organic rice milk and soft texture and sweetness of milk.

Pudding with organic milk

It is an excellent dessert full of organic milk, soft pudding, and sweetness.

Ice cream made with seasonal ingredients and organic milk, Coffee with organic beans. Please enjoy a variety of desserts with organic milk in the studio.

Palman Tripitaka as space motif

Unique Korean tradition has a unique sense of space,

Cups and wares from Korean craftsmanship

Cup of latte in a self-picked cup

Natural space that blends with sunlight of morning, afternoon and midnight

Studio-only menu that changes like the season.

From conversation with the barista to sincerity made in the store

A place where you can experience hundreds of delicious experiences

is Beakmidang Gongbang.

1 Day Class

1 time
(2 hours/day)

Topic: Coffee by Origin
– Introduction to Coffee (Including Organic Coffee)
– Using Single Origin Bean by Country of Origin
– (4 kinds including specialty coffee, hand drip, organic coffee)
– Sensory comparison,

4 Day Class

First Class
(2 hours/day)

Topic: Understanding of Single Origin Coffee
– Introduction to Coffee
– Using Single Origin Bean by Country of Origin
– (4 kinds including specialty coffee, hand drip, organic coffee)
– Sensory comparison, tasting,

Second Class
(2 hours / day)

Topic: Brewing Extraction Demonstration (Direct Student Extraction)
– Hand Drip, KEMAX Extraction
– French Press, Siphon Extraction

Third Class
(2 hours / day)

Topic: Espresso, Latte Art
– Latte Art Principle Description
– Etching Art, Latte Art Demonstration

Fourth Class
(2 hours / day)

Topic: Comparing sensuality by coffee brand Tasting and ending
– Beakmidang’s four competitors Coffee sensual blind test
– Explanation of sensory and marketing points by each brand
– Coffee trends around the world
– Q&A

Reservation and inquiry

Inquiries related to the workshop and coffee classes

02 2195 6803

Advance Reservations and Coffee Classes

Beakmidang Gongbang(4F) is a space reserved for various meetings and education.
‘1964 Coffee Studio’ is also open for coffee classes.